I am Akshar Prabhu Desai.
Hacker, Coder < enter other cool stuff here >

Current work

  • Member of Engineering Team @ Flipora

    Flipora is a mood-aware website recommendation engine that suggests websites to users based on their personalized interests, is rapidly gaining popularity among users all over the world. The company recently announced that now nearly 30 million web surfers are using Flipora, and with record-breaking numbers of up to 100,000 new registrations each day is all set to hit the 50 million users mark.

    My current role includes building and managing the monetization platform (display ads) and optimizing our ad revenue. I have worked with over 100 adnetworks and RTBs across the world.

    To achieve results I use Java, Python, Hadoop, NodeJS, Selenium, on daily basis. A/B testing, number crunching is important part of the work I do.

Past Experience/Education

  • 2 Years at Persistent Systems Ltd.

    PSL is a major product-outsourcing company headquarted in Pune, India. During my tenure there I helped a start-up client build the MVP within a short timeframe of 3 months. I received 2 awards for my work. I was consistently among the top 10% performers. I worked on Rails, ExtJS, jQuery, PHP and Selenium.

  • Masters at Indian Institute of Technology - Bombay

    My Masters was an exciting period where I worked with Robots. My Master's project involved evaluating Android Operating System for Real Time and Safety Critical Environments. I figured out the changes that need to be made to make Android's Kernel more suitable for safety critical needs by partitioning the processes such that they do not affect each other.

  • 3 Years + 6 Months Research Assistant at E-Yantra

    (while doing my Masters)

    I helped build and spread the E-Yantra Project. E-Yantra's objective is to transform India's Engineering Education in the field of embedded systems and robotics.

    This project has touched literally thousands of young minds in India and has resulted into setting up of more than 30 dedicated robotics labs using our open-source platforms across the country.

    We built amazing things such as Kinect Controlled Arms, Rangoli drawing robots, Fruit Picker Robots and so on. Check the youtube channel here.


Akshar Prabhu Desai
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